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Caracuda is a brand belonging to the company UNLIMITED ELECTRIC SPORTS SRL, based in Craiova, Romania. Our company is a start-up founded in 2019 and develops several types of products and services. Our goal is to develop three types of electric surfboards with different characteristics.

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Best materials

Our boards are made with reinforced carbon fibers like Carbon 12K AKSAKA. This makes them incredible light, and also very strong in tension.

Guaranteed fun

With a 5 kw electric motor, our boards takes fun on water to a higher level. Take your board to de ocean, sea or the river close to your home, and you will instantly fall in love with our boards.


We offer one year warranty for our boards and the accessories provided, against manufacturing defects for one year from the date you bought them. Our warranty is in addition to rights provided by consumer law.

Caracuda Electric Surfboard

Easy to transport

Easy to ride

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“It took me five minutes to learn how to ride my board. I’m very excited about my own Caracuda C1 and I can’t wait for the summer to come again.”
Dragos Ionescu
“I bought the C1 for rental purposes. I am enjoying it very much and my clients were very pleased. It’s easy to transport, and it’s a lot of fun to ride. The delivery was on time.”
Gianina Bratu

Frequently asked questions

A jetboard is a motorized board propelled by a jet designed to enjoy riding above water. Powered by electricity, it can reach speeds up to 30 km/h and around 40 minutes of riding time, depending on the model.

Top speed for C1 model is 30 km/h with a 80 kg rider.

The battery for Caracuda C1 is around 40 minutes.
The C1 charges in around 120 minutes.
Caracuda C1 has a warranty of one year.

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